Land Clearing

Proper land clearing is essential for numerous purposes on a property, whether it’s for new construction, clearing roads, or for functional reasons. A professional land clearing job ensures that a proposed construction site is adequately prepared for building and work to be done on it. If you’re searching for an experienced, reliable provider for land clearing in Sherman, TX, look no further than Arbortex.

Size isn’t a concern when it comes to a land clearing project; we have the tools, equipment, and know-how to handle any project, large or small. As part of our clearing services, we not only empty the land but will also haul away and properly dispose of any debris left over.

Site preparation for construction requires many aspects to ensure a quality surface to build upon. Land grading, dirt work, and ground leveling are essential to providing the right surface to move forward with. Proper site preparation makes sure that the structures and layouts to be installed are built to last, and withstand natural occurrences such as weather changes and more as well. Hiring the right site preparation company is just as crucial as hiring the right builder. Arbortex is always the right choice!

Our new Forestry Mulcher is one of the most practical ways to clear overgrown areas. The finished product leaves behind nothing but a bed of mulch. No burn piles. This method is also great for the topsoil and any existing trees that may be chosen to keep. We can also establish excellent trails and maintain them with mulch cover. The mulch applied on the trail offers a very good surface to walk on. The mulch helps to prevent trail erosion and regrowth of vegetation.

When you trust us for your land clearing needs, you are always getting the most professional and capable team around. Land clearing is a job to not be taken lightly. Arbortex can do the job right every time.

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